[Reviews] Coinbase – Platform to purchase / sale bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

Coinbase is known as the most popular Bitcoin and Ethereum online sales platform in 32 countries, with a current growth of one million users per month. Not bad isn't it? At least, in terms of statistics, it's rather reassuring. What about the rest? We see this together, now!

Coinbase is the most popular online wallet.

coinbase plateform buy bitcoin and altcoinWith a single account, it is possible to manage several wallets for Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash as well as Ethereum and Litecoin. It is also possible to store Euros and Dollars. A safe system for Bitcoin is available to store its Bitcoin more securely (nevertheless, it takes 48 hours to withdraw funds).

Coinbase offers great ease of use. It is possible to generate a multitude of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin addresses that remain linked to the account and can be renamed or customized with a label.

The big advantage of Coinbase is that it facilitated very early the purchase of bitcoins by providing a product very easy to use and almost immediate liquidity bitcoins purchased (it takes the time to complete the transaction on the blockchain , and it's good).

Witch services and features that Coinbase provided?

  • Instant purchase of crypto-currencies up to 1000 $ per week for users whose identity has been verified
  • Many transfer and deposit options for FIAT currencies
  • Instant transfers between users Coinbase
  • Documented API for developers
  • User experience at the top
  • Safe with identification by 2 users to make a transfer
  • Mobile application as clean and well done as the site

This list is the reason why Coinbase is widely recommended to anyone who takes a first step in the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has invested a lot of time and money to offer a simple, fluid and frictionless user experience. Also, by offering many means of payment, they allow a large majority of profiles to use them.

This makes Coinbase a reference solution for the purchase / sale of crypto-currencies, which today has converted more than 6 million users.

Do Coinbase has more featured ?

In addition to being able to carry out transactions between traditional addresses, Coinbase offers its users the possibility of making e-mail transactions between Coinbase members. This process is faster and without transaction costs.

But Coinbase is not just a wallet, it's also an exchange platform. It is possible to exchange Euros or Dollars for Bitcoins, Litecoins or Ethers by SEPA Credit Transfer or by credit card with 3D Secure.

Coinbase works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.

Coinbase offers a sponsorship system. Once your godchild has bought or sold $ 100 worth of digital currency, you will get both $ 10 worth of free Bitcoins.

Get 10$ free by clicking here on coin base platform after your first deposit

Witch crypto can I buy in Coinbase?

Supported coin BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
Anonymity Low anonymity
Who controls your private keys? Your private keys are stored by a third party but they are encrypted with your password
Payment Solutions BTC, ETH, LTC, Bank Transfer
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Do I have to use Coinbase?

 coinbase mobile appCoinbase remains the reference when it comes to the purchase of cryptocurrencies for beginners.

Mainly because he is the first to have made access to crypto-currencies the simplest in the world. Before, it was a nightmare. A real ordeal. Coinbase has made it available in 3 clicks. And it's nice and more.

But here it is about the only real advantage: to have been first.

So, there is no reason not to recommend Coinbase, especially to newcomers, but I do it with a certain restraint, and telling you to keep some information in mind:

  • As can be seen, Coinbase is closer to its investors than users or the Bitcoin community.
  • You do not own your private key, Coinbase has hand-put on your wallet, so on your bitcoins. Coinbase, if it's an easy gateway, should not be your main wallet. (If you need the secure wallet tou can go on physical wallet like you con find in Ledger Nano S here)
  • Do not use Coinbase if you want to use your bitcoin for totally private reasons.
  • If your values ​​are those of the Bitcoin community, you do not share the same values ​​with Coinbase.


Coinbase is a good tool to participate in spreading Bitcoin and making it accessible to the less tech of us. For starters, it's the perfect tool. But it will quickly present a lot of limits that personally, I have a problem. Solutions that give you more freedom exist on the market. As a beginner, you can go there with your eyes closed to put a foot in the cryptocurrency market!

[Reviews] Coinbase – Platform to purchase / sale bitcoin & cryptocurrencies
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