IOTA Stronghold: Beta Release

IOTA Stronghold: Beta Release

15:00 - 19/03/2021

Stronghold is an open-source software library that was originally built to protect IOTA Seeds, but can be used to protect any digital secret. It is a secure database for working with cryptography, which ensures that secrets (like private keys) are never revealed. It provides its own peer-to-peer communication layer, so

What is the TRON ?

TRONIX (TRX) is the native currency of TRON. A project that aims to create a decentralized platform for sharing entertainment content based on blockchain technology. The Tron Foundation, a non-profit association behind the project. They wants to shake up the entertainment industry. This value is estimated today at $ 1 trillion.

TRON ‘s open and decentralized platform should allow digital content creators to do without intermediaries such as the App Store or Google Play. So they could be paid directly by consumers.

Currently, a small number of companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Snapchat control a significant portion of user data and the time they spend on the Internet. TRON would like to limit this seizure of large companies on the internet, by putting the ownership of data in the hands of content creators.