[Faucet Reviews] What is a cryptocurrency Faucet?

What is a cryptocurrency Faucet?The faucet is the most rudimentary way and moreover free for crypto-currencies. With a minimum of knowledge and without the need to spend money.

Clearly the faucet is the ideal method for those who start with 0 $ in their pocket and who has only his time to offer.

You will just need an internet connection and a browser (or smartphone) to create a wallet and get your cryptocurrency via the faucet.

For those who play MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft) using the faucets to build a crypto-currency capital, it's like farming.

This is certainly a repetitive method. But one that can bear fruit in the long run. Given that the value (in euros or dollars) of crypto-currencies recovered can increase over time. Let's go to the moon.

Imagine the time when you could have recovered even 1 bitcoin via a faucet when it was not even worth 1 cent. Well today it is worth almost 4000 euros. In my opinion you would have been happy to have this unique bitcoin. Moreover to have been able to obtain it through a faucet.

However it is not too late because some predict a bitcoin that could be worth hundreds of thousands of euros in 2 to 3 years! As for the other crypto-currencies (Ethereum, litecoin, …) that will certainly take a lot of values ​​over the next few years (given the huge potential for innovation that cryptocurrencies bring and that will certainly impact our daily ).

Do not neglect this method which presents a very good opportunity especially if you have no money to invest in cryptocurrencies!

What are the advantages of faucet?

  • Free method (no financial risk) to obtain crypto-currencies easily and quickly (and build a first portfolio without wasting time).
  • Requires only a web browser and a wallet to recover its cryptocurrencies.
  • Does not require any special technical knowledge.
  • If one is motivated, patient and that one accumulates several faucet. The micro-wallet are interesting for that. It is possible to constitute a first capital interesting that one will be able to reinvest in the cloud mining. In the purchase of new crypto-currencies with high growth potential. Which you can sell to make a capital gain if their value increases.
  • If the price (in euros or dollars) of the cryptocurrency recovered via a faucet is favorable. You will be able to make some money for the time you have invested

What are the disadvantages of faucet?

  • The sums recovered are generally low and also depend on the price of cryptocurrency. The more crypto-currency will appreciate (its value in euros or dollars will increase) and the gains will be small. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency will depreciate and the gains will be high.
  • This is a very time-consuming technique that requires a certain amount of motivation to reap interesting long-term gains


To have a portfolio of dogecoin and litecoin you can use the site block.io or cryptonator (tutorial) (Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Reddcoin, Zcash) or ” freewallet “on android.

Portfolio with which you have your private keys: MultiDoge, or Electrum, LTC, thin clients to install on his computer.

You also have the possibility to download Dogecoin Core and Litecoin Core on the official sites to participate directly in the network!

This will not pay you much, but if you do not want to take any chances, you will earn a little money.

I prefere to advise you to mine with minergate, if you are a newbies or to buy cryptocurrency directly and wait on coinbase

[Faucet Reviews] What is a cryptocurrency Faucet?
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