Litecoin (LTC) Creator, Charlie Lee Says Stellar (XLM) Could Be A Security

Litecoin (LTC) Creator, Charlie Lee Says Stellar (XLM) Could Be A Security

11:14 - 24/12/2019


Litecoin was recently in the spotlight regarding an important subject in the crypto industry: mainstream adoption of digital assets. It's been revealed not too long ago that Litecoin is supported by Storm Shop – an online platform that allows people to earn digital asset rewards for shopping online. StormShop is the reward-based e-commerce web plugin …

What is the Stellar Lumens ?

  • Stellar (XLM) is a completely decentralized consensus platform, designed to support any type of currency. It has a decentralized purse that can be used to trade any type of currency or asset.
    Since the Stellar lumens network does not use mining technology. All tokens exist at the start of the network. The majority of them are held by the non-profit foundation distributes the coins as follows:
    50 billion XLM: to be given in small quantities to as many people as possible.
    25 billion XLM: to be given to other companies and non-profit organizations to reach people that would not otherwise be able to reach through the direct registration program.
    20 billion XLM: to give to holders of bitcoins and XRP (see Ripple)
    5 billion XLM: retained by Stellar. org for operations.
    Stellar allows you to send any currency you hold to someone else in a different currency through the integrated decentralized exchange. People can receive any currency through an anchor they have added.