Monero (XMR) up 8%, Sets its Eyes on $52 as Crypto Markets Stagnate

Monero (XMR) up 8%, Sets its Eyes on $52 as Crypto Markets Stagnate

13:05 - 26/03/2020


In Brief: The major cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are experiencing sideways movement.  Only Monero (XMR) is exhibiting noteworthy gains in a 24-hour period.  The privacy coin is up over 8% in a day and has its eyes set on the $52 resistance area. In an earlier article, Ethereum World News reminded the crypto trading community that the CME Bitcoin futures expire tomorrow, Friday 27th March. In the piece, we explored how Bitcoin was having a hard time breaking […]

What is the Monero?

Created in 2014, Monero (which means “piece” in Esperanto) does not rely on Bitcoin code but on cryptonote technology. It is safer, ensures anonymity to its users. The amount of transactions is also impossible to see from the outside. Above all is scalable, which ensures that it can support the expected increase in the volume of transactions in the years to come.

The algorithm that manages Monero mining is also described as superior to that of Bitcoin by number of users. Since it allows individuals to mine without problems. Monero relies heavily on the community that supports it.