[Reviews Mining Rigs ] Should i mine with a rig mining?

Should i mine with a rig mining?The mining rig is an assembly of several graphics cards connected to a motherboard and that will allow you to really mine crypto-currencies and usually through a pool of mining (cooperative miners who combine to undermine with greater efficiency and thus better distribute the gains of the mining).

Of course you can also start simply with a simple graphics card to make a first experience of mining without taking too much risk.

What are the advantages of rig mining?

  • You have complete control of your cryptocurrency production. Therefore have the choice of which cryptocurrency to mine according to your own mining strategy.
  • Mining with a rig is much more profitable than cloud mining.

What are the disadvantages of rig mining?

  • Requires a relatively large financial investment to buy the equipment. About 1000 euros to mount a simple rig. It can make an interesting income.
  • Requires sufficient knowledge of hardware and pc mounting to mount his own rigging in good conditions.
  • You also need to know how to install an operating system (at least Windows) every time you install a new mining rig.
  • It will be necessary to take into account the energy cost (electricity costs). Generated by the daily operation (24H / 24) of the mining rig and integrate it in
  • its expenses to calculate its profitability.
  • It will be necessary to ensure the maintenance of its mining rig. To check itself and constantly that everything is well in order not to lose money unnecessarily.

Set a budget and plan your costs

You must already set a budget for the purchase of equipment, as well as electricity costs.
If you are an electricity agent, that's good. You'll be profitable much faster than the average and you have less risk to invest.

But if this is not the case as the majority of people. You will have to think carefully before investing and perhaps turn to the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies.


As you can see, my rig cost me around $ 2,000 and he will bring me the first month about 200 $ of profits. This return can vary a lot from one month to the next. It is an investment that you will have to think carefully with the elements that I have already given you here.

Compare the prices and try to get everything for the cheapest possible. You will have a ROI faster. I could for example find a motherboard cheaper, around 90 $, after it is a choice, if you want to reuse later for gaming or not, etc.


Any investment in cryptocurrency is risky. Buying equipment to do the mining is just as much. You are not sure to pay in. So invest only what you can afford to lose!

It must be understood that with the same equipment you will probably undermine less and less unity. Simply because, the more minors, the more the difficulty to mine increases.

However, if the prices increase proportionally to the difficulty of mining. Then you will earn about the same amount each month. But this is random, the price of cryptocurrency is still very volatile.

[Reviews Mining Rigs ] Should i mine with a rig mining?
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