[Reviews Ico and Airdrop] What are the Ico and Airdrop?

What are the Ico and Airdrop?

What are The Icos?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a way for a new cryptocurrency project to raise money (also in cryptocurrency) to get money and start the development of this project.

In general, the ICO offers investors tokens in exchange for a contribution and which basically are only cryptocurrency.

The objective clearly displayed for the investor will be to sell them at a higher expected price (in euros or dollars) to its starting value in order to realize a capital gain and thus to earn money.

What are the advantages of a Icos?

  • An interesting way to support a new cryptocurrency project and make money. If the project is viable. For info the Ethereum project was able to start thanks to a bitcoin fund raising.
  • No need to have a lot of technical knowledge. You just need to have the flair of the investor and therefore understand what is invested. Reading the whitepaper recommended. The whitepaper is a fairly simple document to understand. Which retranscribes the main lines and the objectives fixed by the initiators of a new project of cryptocurrency.

What are the disadvantages of a Icos?

  • Requires to invest cryptocurrencies that we own during the fundraising phase
  • Need to have a good knowledge of the project (read the whitepaper recommended) to understand the purpose of the project and why it is a good investment
  • It is necessary to be patient (to know the roadmap) the time that the project starts and that later one can recover the fruits of its investment
  • Understand the fundraising process by sending crypto-currencies and watch out for potential phishing scams

What is the cryptocurrency coin Airdrop?

Here is an absolutely free method that will allow you to get crypto-currencies for free.

Airdrop is a method of free distribution of crypto-coins to all those who will bother to register and provide the address of their wallet.

Being done and according to a date determined in advance by the creators of the project. You will receive before all the world a more or less important amount of cryptocurrency on your wallet. Then if the project proves to be serious. You are patient enough to keep this amount of crypto-currencies obtained for free. There is a good chance that you can make an interesting gain.

What are the advantages of a coin Airdrop?

  • Only need to register via a form provided by the creator of the project where you specify the address of your wallet
    100% free method that requires only time to look for interesting airdrop

What are the disadvantages of a coin Airdrop?

  • The only drawback in my opinion is to get a cryptocurrency that does not really have value. But frankly you will not have lost anything, just time to complete the registration form.

In conclusion

This article was intended to summarize ico and airdrop to obtain cryptocurrencies. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. That I have explained to the full so that you know which one is best suited to your current situation.

I believe that everyone can access the world of cryptocurrencies. This article is in this sense an interesting entry point for all who starts.

[Reviews Ico and Airdrop] What are the Ico and Airdrop?
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