Unicef ​​offers gamers to make cryptocurrencies to help Syrian children

The crazy saga of cryptocurrency continues with, for the first time, a humanitarian UNICEF component.

The approach is original, if it is completely new. The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) has indeed launched a campaign of Mining. Call it crowd-mining. Gamers are first asked to download a small software. By launching it, their computer will spin with full turbines – and therefore consume a lot of energy – but for the good cause.

Once installed, the program will mine the ethereum, the second most common cryptocurrency after bitcoin. Except that instead of returning to the one who mined them, the sub-collected will go directly into the bank accounts of Unicef. Malin.

Why go to gamers? Because they all have, without exception, very good graphics cards. And the more powerful the graphics card, the better you can mine. Detailed explanations of this complex process are given here.

This campaign, entitled “Game Chaingers”, will end on March 31st. Less than twenty-four hours after the launch, only a hundred euros had been collected.

Technology is never bad

In recent times the mining of cryptocurrencies has had a strong negative connotation. This is because of the websites that use the processors of their visitors, without the knowledge of them, to undermine cryptocurrency and earn money .

But this Unicef ​​campaign proves once again that it is not technology that is bad, it is the way we use it that can be.

Where to find it UNICEF mining crypto?

If you want to participate, it's here. You will need to download the Claymore software to start mining. Then you will start generating money for UNICEF. And you can turn it on or off whenever you want.

Unicef ​​offers gamers to make cryptocurrencies to help Syrian children
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